journey we take.

Every project is full of many elements, phases, goals and interests. REQA aim for attention to detail in every task and phase during the process.

Our method uses recycled information gathered from decades worth of combined team experience.

We regularly refine this process to ensure we consistently add value. Partnering with clients for the entirety of their building journey is something we really enjoy. A project can be full of unknowns and a daunting proposition. 

Our roadmap has been curated and refined based on experience and lessons learned.



The journey starts with connection.

We find out as much as we can about your project and vision. We ask what your expectations are of the build, budget, timescales and the service we can offer.

Once the details are correlated, we will send you a formal agreement, and the ball is rolling!

Residential project drone photo


To start the project in the best possible place, we value spending time with clients to define the brief. We want to uncover what your ambitions are and develop a vision together.

These conversations are documented and form a Project Brief text articulation of the goal or direction.

Plan - concept development sketch


We value a 40 feet perspective of the project before digging into the nitty-gritty details. Time dedicated to engagement meetings helps us understand how the client can (and should) influence the design.

Without being invasive, we like to be inquisitive. We want to ask about habits, way's of life, style tastes and more. Analysis and surveys of the project location uncover opportunities and restrictions that will influence what is possible.

Finally, we research and mood board images, materials and references that will play a part in our design phase.

moodboard 1 - sample materials

Concept Design

Of all stages along the journey, this is the fun one. We take all the information gathered and blend it with our design experience.

Our process is iterative, where we dedicate time to investigating various solutions.2D sketching, 3D modelling allow us to develop thoughtful and suitable proposals. A concept is born that responds to the brief, a living response to the brief.

We like to focus this into one or two options for the next stage.

Elevation - development sketch of dwelling

Design Review

Our goal in design is to present something unexpected that can redefine clients' perceptions for the project. An evolution of the original vision and ambitions considered with principles of architecture as well.

This is often a mini-stage in the process and can take as long as needed. Back and forth exchanges allow the design to arrive in the right place for REQA and the client.

We then take the project through for approvals.

image of colloboration
drone shot of completed househouse plan sketchmoodboard 1 - sample materialsElevation - development sketch of dwellingimage of colloboration
Concept image issued for planning consentsketch detaildiagram illustrating structural collaborationSt Cedmas Church Hall (aerial construction phase)New residential entrance


REQA act as agents to obtain the statutory permissions required for building developments to proceed.

We take care of the process from submission right through to decision making. This stage is outside of our control in many ways, yet we work hard to convince and inform authorities about the project.

Our attitude is to be responsive and available to answer queries or supply information in a bid to get approvals as soon as possible.

Concept image issued for planning consent


Intertwined with the consent processes, we work alongside other consultants at various points. We lean on our consultant network to cover all the specialist details of the design.

At the appropriate stages, different design team members come to the fore and add their expertise to aid progress. This isn't a case of too many cooks; think of it instead, as skillsets collectively working toward a thoroughly considered technical design.

sketch detail


Finding the right fit for the construction phase is hugely important.

We can help with that. REQA regularly organise tender processes for our client's. This includes a cost schedule for the build to assist financial management. We ask questions that offer insight into capability and experience.

Before making a commitment, this process affords clients an insight into the company trusted to complete the project.

diagram illustrating structural collaboration


It all becomes real when the machinery starts arriving on-site and work starts.

From the first day we keep tabs on progress, routinely visit the site, update information, send many emails and manage progress review meetings.

REQA positions ourselves as the primary communication channel for everyone involved in the building phase, ensuring smooth delivery and accountable results from end-to-end.

St Cedmas Church Hall (aerial construction phase)


First in last out.

When the construction process comes to an end, we review every minor detail to make sure we are satisfied.

REQA doesn't stop when the building is formally signed off, we are still available for catching up and making sure the original vision has been realised.

New residential entrance

Work with us.

If you have a space that needs repurposing or a community group that needs some help, let's discuss your project.


We’ll listen to your thoughts, ask about your needs and vision - let's begin a conversation.


We will lead you through the journey using our design experience and expertise.


Enjoy the results of a bespoke design project that has been delivered to meet your vision.

atrium concept hand drawn sketch