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elevation sketch concept study

REQA advocate ideas and concepts that further the development of the building practices. As construction professionals, we have a responsibility to construct in smarter ways. New information can be shared quickly, and it is remiss to overlook the alternatives.

We have been fortunate to work on adaptive reuse projects which aim to save unnecessary demolition from happening. Sometimes overlooked and derelict spaces have the potential for retrofitting and upgrading that brings new functionality and worth. This position reuses our existing built environment with fresh thought processes and careful consideration.

Remaining in a state of constant learning ensures our clients can be advised on what is possible.

Conservation of an Old School House with an extension


We all have a responsibility for the earth’s resources. REQA commit to minimise environmental impacts and comply with current legislation. We integrate ecological considerations into all our decisions and adopt greener alternatives throughout our working. We promote green awareness to clients, consultants and contractors when considering construction specifications.

These objectives are achieved by identifying potential environmental risks and designing to eliminate. Our selection of materials and systems is considered to ensure performance targets are met, and where possible improved on.

To ensure that this policy is understood and communicated, REQA ensures that all members of our team are kept up to date on legislation and current innovative or pragmatic solutions for Building Design.

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We actively work hard to keep up to date with technological innovation in the construction industry. REQA engage in Continuing Professional Development (C.P.D.) courses and seminars, widening the introduction of alternative sustainable development opportunities. Wherever possible, we like to use new and innovative methods and materials in our projects.

Naturally, we work hard to keep up to date with current building legislation and will continue to do so in the future. Key areas we focus on are fire safety, energy consumption and accessibility to the built environment. We maintain a digital library that is easily accessible to consult the relevant documentation. We also build relationships with specialists in these fields to ensure our clients are provided with a collaborative and well-considered building strategy.

Our strong knowledge base remains constant built over 30 years of learning.

site plan development sketch


REQA dedicates attention on current technology trends and how these can be harnessed for our methods of working. 3D modelling, visualisation apps that improve efficiency all contribute to our day to day activities and strengthen the service we can offer our clients.

We stay on the curve by reading, watching and chatting. A quick phone call to our network of local representatives is useful for product answers or technical suggestions. Digital accredited courses increase the value of our service and e-subscriptions to different sources allow us to keep up to date.

It is our intention that REQA’s development will always be an active aspect of our mindset.

Bespoke roof design for a mixed-use development in Newcastle.
Preliminary ideas are fleshed out with development sketches.

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